Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR certain of Center’s stance?

Telangana government will begin the exercise of creating new districts in the state. 14 or 15 new districts with 40 Mandals will be announced on June 2nd which happens to be the formation day of the state. The government is planning to start the ruling in this new districts from August 15th or Dussehra. This changes will make the total number of districts in the state 24 or 25. The new districts and mandals creation will be in accordance to the Assembly seats delimitation proposed. However there is a criticism that KCR can not get the districts right with Center deciding on the delimitation. There are already enough reasons to say why the Center may not do that. The government is saying that smaller districts will ensure good administration and extensive funds from the Central government. This new districts creation will be a financial burden to the state for the time being as new Collector offices, SP Offices and various buildings for the other departments are to be built. But the state government is keen on this so as to make people more accessible to government administration in their districts.