Om Namo Venkatesaya

Just 10% of Hyd Roads Are Damaged?

People of Hyderabad are slowly recovering and falling back to routine from heavy rains. The rains have done great damage to normal life and roads, but the latest statement of Telangana CM KCR is irking each and everyone alot. 

KCR usually stays cautious about words coming out of his mouth, though they sound harsh at times, he sticks with proofs and statistics. KCR's recent statement saying that only 10 percent of whole Hyderabad roads are damaged due to heavy rains, is attracting a huge uproar among all. 

Opposition leaders are ridiculing this statement at their best and trying to corner the CM. Adding fuel to this, they are digging up the recent words of KTR, who conveyed that KCR was very much dissatisfied with damaged Hyderabad roads. 

Pink party leaders are trying to barricade the criticism, asking how a single statement can be pin pointed. Anyhow, KCR's statement on damaged roads seems to be damaging his image quite a bit.