Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR Apologizes For His Wrong Promise

Telangana's firebrand CM KCR is known for his stern and commanding speeches. He also knows how to win people by wooing them with timely promises. In one such feat, KCR promised to allot 2BHK flats to the Midmaneru project victims during his Vemulawada tour last year.

However, KCR realised that he had made a wrong promise when the project officials informed him that they have already gave new flats to the Midmaneru land victims. Apart from the new flats, new roads and drainage systems were built for the landless.

KCR explained to the land victims that there will be technical issues and an audit problem due to duplication if another 2BHK flat is allotted to each victim. The TRS chief took no time to correct his mistake and apologized to the land victims.

After humbly seeking their pardon, KCR went on to promise to the victims who will lose the lands in the latest acquisition by announcing a compensation for Rs 5.50 lakhs for the construction of each 2BHK house.