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Special Focus: Smart City clash between TDP and BJP!

TDP and BJP are stated to be having tough times going together. But, in the recent times, TDP is said to have decided to move along with BJP rather than going for a clash. Looks like BJP is dominating the relationship with the latest smart cities aspect. In the recent list of the most attractive cities in India, Telengana’s Warangal got a place while none of the states in Andhra Pradesh were present in that list.

Speaking on this, BJP leader Venkayya Naidu mentioned that the states which show cultural progress and are going ahead with high pace development activities to attain the smart city status were nominated as attractive cities. Venkayya Naidu stated that they are taking every single detail into consideration while nominating the cities for this prestigious tag.

On the other hand, he requested the CMs of different states to work on retaining the cultural aspects of the region. Looks like, it counter attacks the Chandra Babu Naidu’s vision of making Amaravathi as another Singapore. May be if TDP retains the cultural aspects in Amaravathi just like how TRS is doing for Warangal, this city may get nominated next time for the most attractive cities list.